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Lisa Hughes
Principal, ext. 1855  
Danielle Shackelford 
Secretary, ext. 1859 
Geri Barnauskas, ext. 1814 
Paige Nicholson ext. 1819 
Kris Black, ext. 1827
Julianne Pagett, ext. 1818
Cristi Carricato

Vandenberg PE Website
Holly Palmeri, ext. 1822
Jill Conte, ext. 1804
Ryan Robertson, ext. 1805 
Sandy DeDonatis, ext. 1824 
Amy Schilbe, ext. 1820
 Krysten Even, ext. 1818
  Kelly Schopp,  ext. 1815
Lori Ghena, ext. 1823  

Mrs. Ghena's Website
LeVan Townsel, ext. 1828
Tom Guimmo,  ext. 1813

Brett White, ext. 1821
Thia Homer, ext. 1811
Allyson Wills,  ext. 1802
Adrienne Howey, ext. 1810

Ashley Wischmeyer, (Aide) ext. 1823
Sarah Judge, ext. 1816
 Brenda Buehler, (Aide) ext. 1824
Michelle Kirkwood, ext. 1807
Michelle Mack, ext. 1885/1886
Arin Ministrelli,  ext. 1817

Carol Norman
Linda Muse,  ext. 1810