Art Through the Seasons

A showcase of student artwork will be on display at Vandenberg Elementary on Thursday, May 6, from 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Parents and guardians are invited to attend this special event to view student artwork and enjoy and evening of poetry. Art teacher, Thia Homer said, “All students will have at least two pieces of art on display.  This is an extensive project, which includes student artwork completed throughout the entire year.”   Many of the projects require several steps and take weeks to accomplish the final piece. One project in particular that includes several stages is the handcrafted clay mask project. Students learn to work with clay to design and produce a unique clay mask. Once students are finished designing their mask, Mrs. Homer fires each masks in the school kiln. When the firing process is completed, students apply paint and embellishments to finish the project.
Mrs. Homer teaches art at Vandenberg Elementary and Jefferson Elementary, she provides a wide variety of art lessons that include different styles and techniques of famous artist across decades and cultures. She has created four large paper Mache trees will be used in the showcase to separate each season of artwork on display. South Redford students are fortunate to receive instruction from such a creative and energetic teacher. Be sure to mark your calendar to attend this special event to review the talent of our artists!